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All Risk/Special Form Insurance

Worldwide Facilities has the expertise and market relationships to put together All Risk limits of over $1 billion and several hundred-million for catastrophic insurance coverage. We have property experts in geographic territories, classes of business, and lines of coverage.

Target Classes

  • Habitational Properties
  • Vacant Properties
  • High Hazard Manufacturing or Storage Locations
  • Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs
  • Entertainment Industry Risks
  • Petrochemical & Oil and Gas Operations
  • Lumber Yards or Saw Mills
  • Garment Industry
  • Older or Unprotected Industrial Properties
  • Special Excess Liability Over Large SIRs
  • Loss-Challenged Properties
  • Hospitality Risks
  • Brush Exposures
  • Protection Class Problems
  • Casinos & Indian Gaming
  • Nursing Homes

Available Coverage Features

  • Earthquake, EQSL, Flood & Wind
  • Deductible Buy-Backs
  • Loss Limits, Full Limits or Layered Programs
  • Building Ordinance Coverage
  • Tailored Deductible Programs
  • Excess Limits

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