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Difference in Conditions (DIC) Catastrophe Perils Insurance

With one of the largest pools of company appointments in the industry, Worldwide Facilities offers limits exceeding $300 million. Capabilities range from placing wind insurance in the southeast to earthquake and flood insurance in California, the northwest, New Madrid, Georgia and all points in-between.

Target Classes

  • Earthquake & EQSL in All States
  • Flood Coverage in All Zones
  • Tier-One Wind
  • Large Real Estate Schedules
  • Habitational Risks
  • Older Properties
  • Single Location Accounts to Large Schedules
  • Single Family Dwellings
  • Home Owner Associations

Available Coverage Features

  • Primary, Excess or Loss Limit Basis
  • High Capacity
  • Deductible Buybacks
  • Building Ordinance Coverage
  • Waiting Day Period on Time Element
  • Per-Unit Deductibles
  • Flat Dollar Deductibles

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